About Us

We are a Coalition

Kansas Legislative Policy Group is a coalition of rural Kansas counties with the common interest in the preservation of the counties tax base and retention of local control.

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"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."
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Founded in 1979

The group originated in 1979 as the Southwest Regional Planning Commission and the membership consisted of 13 Counties in the Southwest corner of Kansas.  Within a few years the organization grew from its founding counties and changed its name to Kansas Legislative Policy Group (KLPG) and today there are 35 member counties.


Address Concerns

KLPG originally formed to address concerns related to the proposed implementation of the severance tax, which is assessed on oil and natural gas production. Even though the severance tax became a reality, member counties of KLPG were successful in securing a 7% rebate for severance tax collections.  Those dollars are returned to those counties paying severance tax to the State.


KLPG is a voluntary, independent, non-partisan and non-profit corporation of elected county commissioners interested in advocating responsible public policy for rural Kansas


KLPG is dedicated to working in harmony with other local and state elected officials, the Kansas Association of Counties and League of Kansas Municipalities for fair and equitable consideration of all matters of mutual concern.  KLPG is committed to working in cooperation to enhance these relationships.

This field of wheat in central Kansas is nearly ready for harvest. An unusual misty morning added a low fog and misty drops to the wheat stalks. Focus is on wheat closest in foreground.
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  • Policy Making

    Serves as the policy and decision-making body establishing legislative priorities.

  • Involvement

    Annual meeting held in the fall of each year.

  • Coordination

    Annual legislative planning meeting.

  • Expert Personnel

    Excellent speakers are scheduled to address KLPG members about the important topics of the day.

  • Develop Relationships

    Annual legislative dinner held in Topeka well attended by state legislators.

  • Networking Opportunities

    A chance to reunite and network with fellow commissioners at meeting and social events.

KLPG is Respected and Influential in Establishing Public Policy.

KLPG represents its member counties on legislative matters which are set forth and established in the annual legislative platform determined annually by the member counties. KLPG has been forged by county commissioners dedicated to representing the interests of rural Kansas counties and the ever-changing local government issues that affect them. These county commissioners have a strong voice in the State Capitol and are frequently in Topeka to attend meetings and provide testimony on pending legislation of interest.