Liberty Piepline

During our recent legislative conference call the Liberty Pipeline was brought up with an inquiry into activity going on in Kansas related to that pipeline.

Here is what we know:

Liberty Pipeline LLC, is a joint venture of Phillips 66 and Bridger Pipeline LLC.

The Liberty Pipeline will be a new, 700-mile-long, pipeline transporting light crude oil from the Rockies and Bakken production areas in Wyoming to Cushing, Oklahoma.

The pipeline will bi-sect Kansas and go through the following counties in Kansas:

Sherman, Wallace, Logan, Scott, Lane, Ness, Hodgeman, Pawnee,
Edwards, Stafford, Pratt, Kingman, Harper and Sumner.

Landowners in Colorado and Kansas are working to address rights and safeguards for landowners, specifically any needed liability protections.

Organized landowners in Wyoming have successfully negotiated increased compensation and liability safety measures with the pipeline company, but such liability protections haven’t been offered to all Kansas landowners.

Kansas landowners have been offered improved compensation from the original amount. (Increased from $200 per rod for the permanent easement and $65 per rod for crop damages to $200/$85.)

A “Property Rights Organization” for Kansas landowners is currently being formed to arrive at positive solutions on easement and payment issues.

For more information, individuals can contact:

PRO Kansas, LLC President Greg Glunz, who is CEO of Fairleigh Enterprises in Scott City. 620-874-2247


PRO Kansas, LLC Treasurer Bill John, manager of Norder Supply in Scott City. 62-874-1942

Included is a letter from the Lane County Board of County Commissioners to Phillips 66 regarding the pipeline.


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